F. Int. Multi CH.

Gang-Staff Braveheart

ataxia clear; HD A/A, ED 0/0

F. Int. Multi CH.

Gang-Staff Big Tex

ataxia clear; HD A/A, ED 0/0

F. Int.Multi CH. Darsonvali Olmar

F. CH. Finwar's Whiskey Jack
M. CH. Talk O'The Town PJ
M. Mokka Validus F. CH. Kar Ron's Zbir
M. Xenie z Hanky


Gang-Staff Love At First Sight

ataxia clear

F. Georgetown's Armour F. CH. Rainbo Geronimo Mlader's
M. Diamond Hard Valentina
M. Sandune Aren't You Envious F. CH. Benmars Sharp Shooter
M. Noble Nibora's Exotic Dancer

OPD In The Beginig Lesoto

ataxia clear

F. Multi Biss EW, WW CH

Don King Of Ring's

F. Multi CH. Biss Lari Long Step F. CH. Northon Tipit z Hanky
M. CH. Euro CH '03 Moni Elegant Of Cole
M. Int. Multi CH. Cool Wind Kennel Tara F. Int. Multi CH. Dr. Hakenbush,s Bon Jovi John
M. CH. Cool Wind Kennel Red Lady

M. Int. CH.

KPC Poetry In Motion Lesoto

F. Int. CH. Royal Court's Carbon Copy

F. Int. CH. Fraja EC Gold Standard
M. CH. Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
M. Int. CH. Primabalerina Lesoto

F. Wood Forest EZ Sunforest

M. Int. CH. Cyklada Nurian