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last modified: 16/05/2004 03:38 PM

* Is BNUM considered as a hack by Blizzard?

* Will I get my CD-key banned because of using BNUM?
No, BNUM doesn't even use any of your CD-keys.

* Will Warcraft III accounts be supported?
Maybe, but if I manage to add Warcraft III accounts support, BNUM might be considered as a hack...

* I can't login onto my account. Why?
The games from which accounts are supported are: Diablo 1, Diablo 2/Lord of Destruction, Starcraft/Broodwar, Warcraft 2 Edition. Before writing to me that you can't login onto your accound with BNUM try logging in with the game in which the account was created. Blizzard deletes accounts that weren't used for a long time.

* Can I join channels other than The Void or Public Chats?
No, you can't. And there's no point in doing this in such a program. BNUM is an instant messanger, not chat. If you want to chat on channels use EternalChat or MadChat instead (note that I don't support those programs and have nothing to do with them).

* Will BNUM support beta gateways?
Beta servers do not support BNet Chat protocol at the moment... But I think Blizzard will activate it after the final expansion reaches the shelves.

* Will BNUM support WarForge/PVPGN servers?
I may work on WarForge/PVPGN servers support later but I won't promise anything.

* I can't download it! Can you send it to me by e-mail?
No, I can't. Try other mirror and use some good download manager (e.g. Flashget) instead your browser.

* It doesn't work/I can't unzip it!
Try downloading it again, maybe from other mirror.

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