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Sending BNUM by e-mail on 20/04/2003 08:57 PM
I have got a few mails where you ask me if I could send BNUM to you by e-mail. I wont't do such things, the program can be easily downloaded from the site. Although if you can't download it with your browser, use a download manager with resume option (e.g. FlashGet, GetRight, whatever).

Welcome on 17/04/2003 02:27 PM
Today, I am proud to announce a new program created for® community.® User Monitor is an instant messanger based on® protocol. It can be used for monitoring your® friends presence, chating with them and viewing their basic statistics for most Blizzard® network games.
Although BNUM has gone through several beta stages it can still contain some bugs. I would appreciate any comments (you can send them directly to me via my e-mail).
The program can be downloaded here.

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